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Cadmium Plating

Cadmium plating or Cad plating offers a long list of technical advantages such as excellent corrosion resistance even at low thicknesses and in salt atmospheres.  It is soft, can be dyed many colors, and has good solder-ability.  Cad has been set to be phased out for years by some due to it’s toxicity, but alternatives have come up short on providing the same results.

We Offer Cad in the Following Chromates:
  • Clear
  • Yellow
  • Black

Electroless Nickel

Electroless Nickel is a process that does not use electric current and it is beneficial to standard electoplating Nickel in that it provides a harder surface and can plate more complicated shapes.

We offer the following Electroless Nickel processes:
  • Mid Phos EN ROHS compliant
  • High Phos EN ROHS compliant

Nickel Plating

Nickel electroplating is a process of depositing Nickel on metal parts.  It offers high luster to bright finishes, corrosion protection and wear resistance.  Engineering nickel is used where the brightness is not desired it provides wear and corrosion protection as well as a low stress build ups for dimensional recovery.

We offer the following Nickel Plating processes:
  • Bright Nickel
  • Watts Nickel
  • Nickel Sulfamate

Precious Metals

Gold Plating

Gold Plating is often used in electronics, jewelry and printed circuit board businesses.  Gold is often plated with a barrier layer of Nickel to provide a brighter deposit of Gold. We offer the 99.90 to 99.97% Hard Gold Deposits

Silver Plating

Silver Plating is used in vast amount of products for it electrical resistance is low.

We offer Two Types of Silver Plating:
  • Bright Silver
  • Matte Silver

Tin Plating

Tin plating is used extensively to protect ferrous and nonferrous surfaces.  It gives excellent ductility and provides protection for copper, nickel and other non ferrous metals.  Tin is widely used in the electronics industry because of its ability to protect base metals from oxidation thus preserving its solder-ability.

We offer the following Tin Plating processes:
  • Bright Tin
  • Matte Tin
  • Tin Lead 60/40

Zinc Plating

Zinc plating prevents oxidation and is one of the most popular coatings in the industry due to the cheaper costs associated with it.

We also offer Zinc in these chromates:
  • Clear Chromate
  • Gold/Yellow Iridescent
  • ROHS Clear Chromate
  • Black Chromate