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We offer a wide array of services
aimed at exceptional results.

Uncompromising quality, certified expertise, and limitless possibilities.

We value our customers and offer services that include options for expediting orders.

FPI – Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection

We have added the following new NADCAP in house NDE capabilities that will consolidate processes and allow you to qualify for a broader range of customers…

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Chromate Conversion of Aluminum

Chromate is the typical term used by metal finishers and it is a relatively easy process. There are many types of conversion coatings available…

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Paint and
Powder Coat

Freedom Offers any type of Painting service. We are a one stop shop meaning one PO for all of your finishing needs. Powder coating services are vast and we can do a…

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Silk Screen | Part Mark

Freedom offers Silkscreen and Part Marking services for the final touches for shipping your complete products. Freedom has just purchased a state of the art…

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Passivation is the removal of dirt and iron from the surface of stainless steel.  The process takes Nitric Acid or Citric Acid and speeds up the natural passivation of stainless steel…

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Freedom offers all Types of Anodizing, Sulfuric, Chromic and Hard Coat.  Freedom also offers a new type IV Anodizing process called AlOxidize™ If interested in the AlOxidize™…

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Freedom offers all Types of Plating:  Cadmium,
Electroless Nickel, Tin, Zinc, Precious Metals, Nickel, and more…

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